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I am your Mistress Sultry Suzanne. I too am looking for a bit more from the men out there. I want that in depth, get to know you kind of call where you tell me your most intimate secrets, desires, urges and see where they can take them. I want to languidly explore your mind, body and soul as I tease and tempt you, make you crave my knowledge of you. I will seduce you and own you simply because I know you so well.

I am firm and dominant, I enjoy telling you exactly what to do. I like to tease you, make you want me, make crave to give me anything I want. You will want to love to this curvy body. I want you to imagine how your hands would feel as they brush my nipples, stiffening those peaks and making that wetness pool between my thighs. The moistness of your lips as they follow your fingers along the recesses of my body, goosebumps forming on my skin as my arousal heightens. Your words as you respond to me, using them, thinking about each and every phrase.

Do I have your attention yet? Your desires, well, I want you to feel so vulnerable because I know you so well that you have no choice, you have to obey me.

It's never about the destination or about how hard you are going to climax, if I allow you to. It's all about the journey, the way I bring you to that precise point of ecstasy, riding each wave of pleasure before that ultimate release. The pace is slow, intimate and erotically kinky. The sensations are incredible as I go beyond what you have experienced before. I want that journey to be that soul baring encounter we both strive to achieve again and again!

Give me that kind of seduction, show me your mind, your soul and your body and the experience will be all you will ever want or need I will own you mind, body and soul. You will keep saying it, Sultry Suzanne....the name is like a whisper across your skin as our journey begins!

Do you have that fantasy that you always wanted to try but never dared? Suzanne is that goddess that you are looking to play with today! Let me be your intimate playmate, your erotic vixen. I know exactly what you need and how to give it to you too!

Yes, you got that right, I will make you cum harder than you ever have before, yes, that is exactly how I see it. I give the instructions and guidance that you seek. Perhaps edge you until you have lost complete control of your senses, your thoughts only of me, my voice a whisper in your ear.

Suzanne will be your ultimate phone sex goddess. I love to role play and enjoy getting into character with you. If you have an ultimate fantasy, then let's play it out and see where it takes us! Call me today and let's play!

Do you want to explore secret desires?

Would you like to try something new?

I can teach you the pleasure of my touch.

Worship the Sexy Goddess Suzanne!

I consider myself a sensual domination mistress, being an ultimate fulfillment Goddess. I have quite the variety of experience in several areas but always ask if you have a particular request.

For those of you who need to know what I would love to discuss with you, here are a few topics:

SPH - Cuckolding - BBC
Humiliation - Sissification
Femdom - Goddess - Mistress
JOI - Masturbation Instructions
Tease - Edge - Denial
Orgasm Control - Ruined Orgasm
Role-Playing - Foot Worship
Financial Domination - Servitude
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