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Sultry Suzanne Deserves Your Attention!

I have that ache in the pit of my stomach. That excited feeling you get when you know that something you have wanted for so long is about to happen. You open the door when I knock. I step inside, moving past you, I take off my coat as I hear the door close. I turn to face you, letting my coat and purse drop to the floor. It feels like an attack, your mouth is on mine, in a primal assault of the senses, your arms are around me, crushing me in that kiss and embrace as you back me up against the wall.

There is no time for words right now, just hands, touching, bodies, molding together, our lips, tasting each other. Your hand slides up my thigh, under the edge of my skirt. Your fingers searching, moving my panties aside, you find me, hot and wet as you push your fingers inside of me. I moan into your mouth, my hands at your clothes, pulling at your shirt, tugging at the waistband of your pants. My legs are parted as I stand against that wall, your body is pushing up against mine, as you have pulled my blouse halfway down, sucking on my nipple through my lacy bra, biting it, teasing me. You hand is moving in and out of me, fucking me, I want more and so do you.

You move, I follow, heading towards the couch. You are behind me, pushing me down, lifting my skirt, ripping off my scrap of lace thong, your one arm around me, pulling me toward, I feel the head of your cock part my pussy lips and plunge deep inside. One hard thrust, your hand grabs a fistful of my hair, arching me back as you fuck me like that. I am bent over the side of the couch, one leg down one bent up over the arm, your hands are on my hips you pump me hard and fast.

You smack my ass, hard, loud, I scream out, but it is pleasure, not pain you hear in my moans. “Fuck me like that, baby, deeper, god, don’t stop!” I am pushing against you, grinding that dick inside of me. I want it hard, I need this fuck, this has been so long in coming, “Oh, fuck! Yes! Just like that, harder, baby, harder! Fuck, I am going to cum!” It is a statement and I am already shaking all over your cock, my pussy so slick and wet, you slip out before shoving it back inside of me. “That’s it,” you say, “Cum like a whore for me, say it for me, say it now!” You are thrusting so hard, pounding my pussy, you pushed me down on the floor, on my hands and knees and I can feel that excitement building inside, as our bodies are slapping together. “Say, it Suzanne, say it or I am going to stop!”.

Your mouth is up against my ear as you say this to me, your fist locked in my hair, holding me in place. My breathing is so heavy, that I can barely get any words out. You reach around the front of our bodies, touching and pinching my clit, I cry out, starting to cum and you pause. I hear you, “Say it now if you want to cum.” I cry out, I cannot control my body or the wave of pleasure that is starting, “Fuck, yes, fuck me like that, please!” I say this, but you still pause. I move against you, needing to feel you fill my cunt, needing that cock to finish what it started. “Baby, fuck me, please! Yes, I am a whore….a cum whore for you! I am yours, your whore. Please fuck me harder, now! Yes, fuck me like that!” That is what you wanted to hear, but that is not all.

You move slowly, taunting my pussy with your cock, all the way in and out, long fluid strokes. “Please, please!” I whimper, as I say it, “I love being your whore, baby, only yours, only for you!” I moan loudly as I say this, nothing can stop this great flood that is happening. I am quivering from head to toe, my orgasm is so complete, such a full body experience, I feel my cum dripping down the insides of my thighs, I feel you too, as you start to lose that control you have had up until now. I feel that hot, squirt, deep inside, mixing with my own juices, it makes that wave of pleasure even more intense. I feel you on top of me, hot, hard, panting and all mine just like I am yours and I cum again. To be continued.....





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