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Sexy Sultry Suzanne is that goddess that you are looking to play with today! Let me be your intimate playmate, your erotic vixen. Gentlemen who are looking to make that connection, that someone they can talk to for hours in the dark of the night. Sharing those special dreams, fantasies and anything else that comes to mind is the exact type of man who gets my attention. I am a generous, arrousingly seductive, intelligent woman whether it is just a casual conversation to a full erotic episode. You get all of me and my undivided attention. So prove to me that I now have yours and call me soon!

Do you like to be teased and humiliated? Do you want me to laugh at you, tell you how you are so not worthy of my pretty tight pink little pussy? I bet you do! Want me to tell you how I would just love to have you in my bedroom, making a delightful meal out of you...or making you make a meal out of me! Teasing you, tempting you, making you grovel and beg and plead. Yes, that is what you can expect!


I want only to get you with this raging hard on and then tell you to go sit in the corner and look, but don't touch! I am one of those naughty women who brings you to the edge and makes you stay there. If this is your ultimate kind of seduction, then pick up the fucking phone and call me now! Always start by showing your appreciation!


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I am an enigma, that bit of a mystery, the hint of the unknown. I like variety, I don’t like to say I only enjoy thus or so. That isn’t me, not even close! To get to know the real me takes some time and effort, though I enjoy a quick fuck just as much as the next person!

There are some days I want to lay back, spread my legs open wide and tell you to enjoy the buffet like a good obedient man. Devour me and tell me how you want to worship and adore me and how wanted you will always make me feel, how each day I am in your thoughts. Those days, shower me with long, languid conversations and tributes to prove I am worth it!

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Some days when I will make demands with my sexy voice. I will tell you to fuck my pretty face, slide that big dick past these sweet lips and swallow it all, looking up at you with my beautiful green eyes, watering from that depth. Never forget, I encourage this and I am always in control of lapping that cock for my own pleasure as well as yours. You may use my mouth but only because I want it that way!

Perhaps I am in the mood for a night if getting fucked hard. I spend Monday through Thursday nights alone in my bed, unencumbered by interruptions during those dark hours of the night. Help me touch myself as you do the same. Make me cum for you again and again, my body slick with sweat. Those late nights I am that lonely milf needing to feel your dick and fuck me like a woman needs to be that pussy is owned by you.

So, to savor this beautiful pussy and these sexy lips, I am offering a special for this week. Cum with me over and over again, leave me that fantastic feedback and keep trying your latest obsession, Sultry Suzanne!

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